Thursday, November 20, 2014

Habitat for Humanity highlights one of our own!

Hope Is Growing SUBHEAD: A community pulls together in JacksonvilleIn the recent edition of 'Habitat World', the Habitat for Humanity International newsletter, a large article focuses on the New Town Success Zone and highlights the Pearce Street Community Garden

Below is a quote by RoTore' Powell,  “Children are seeds,” she says. “If we take time with the kids, I feel like this neighborhood could have the next sheriff, the next mayor, the next famous heart surgeon, the next president. The sky is the limit.” We couldn't agree more! The 2014 Annual Jacksonville Seed Swap and Community Garden Expo is being hosted by the Pearce Street Community Garden so come on out to speak with RoTore' and see the garden for yourself. 

Here is the link to the entire entire article