Thursday, August 14, 2014

'to everything...there is a season'

Hello Faithful Garden Friends! 

Image Credit: iStockphoto
If you are reading this then you likely know that it has been more than two months since anything new has been posted on the blog. I could tell you a lot of good reasons why so much time has passed, but ultimately they all amount to burnout. It wasn't my intent to disappear, leave ends frayed, and commitments unmet, and for that I am sorry. 

I found a container of butternut squash seeds this morning, and it made me smile. Seeds always make me smile. They are filled with potential and are a symbol of hope. 

The local food system in northeast Florida continues to improve and strengthen, and I am honored to have played a part in that work. As I find my footing I am taking on projects with greater thoughtfulness. I hope you will accept my apology and understand as I make fewer commitments to ensure I can give 100%.