Monday, May 12, 2014

Community Gardens Help Gainesville Residents Eat Locally, Healthfully

An article in the Gainesville Sun talks about the benefits of growing and eating food from a community garden. You can click here to read Ms. Darlena Cunha's article from April 2014. 

One of the highlights in the article is the list facts Ms. Cunha provides:

Community Gardens

If you are looking to get involved with a garden in your area, there are plenty of options.

The volunteer site coordinators can be reached through Operations Supervisor John Weber at 393-8186.

Here's a list of area gardens:
  • Dreamers Garden (The Grove Street Neighborhood Community Garden), corner of Northwest Fourth Street and 10th Avenue
  • Green Acres Park Community Garden, 700 Block of Southwest 40th Street (within Green Acres Park) 
  • McRorie Community Garden, corner of Southeast Fourth Avenue and Sixth Terrace
  • Northeast 31st Avenue Community Garden (Not currently active, but plots available if desired), 1700 NE 31st Ave. (within Northeast 31st Avenue Park)
  • Southwest 40th Place and Southwest 30th Terrace Community Garden, 2947 SW 40th Place
  • Parking Lot 2 Community Garden, Northwest Second Avenue
  • Porters Neighborhood, 911 NW Fifth Ave.
  • Thelma Bolton Center Community Garden, 516 NE Second Ave.
  • City Hall (Edible Garden), 200 E. University Ave.