Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Apply for a 1% Grant

The Simply Organic 1% fund supports and promotes the growth of organic and sustainable agriculture.

  • research into organic production methods and crop improvement
  • educating farmers on organic growing techniques, certification standards and documentation
  • educating the public on the value of organic agriculture
  • developing projects that help organic farmers to be more efficient, produce better products, and add value to their products 

They evaluate grant requests based on the following criteria:

  • how well it meets the goals of the SO1% fund
  • cost vs. benefit of the project
  • the goals, values, reputation, and track record of the organization making the request
  • recommendations from others in the organic community
  • thoroughness and professionalism of application (all requested information provided, typed document, specific monetary request, details on how the money will be used, clear and understandable presentation, etc.)

Send electronic proposals for SO1% grants to

Include a complete description of the project, detailed budget, list of other fund sources for the proposed grant where applicable, time-line for implementation, methodology, and expected impacts/results. Also be sure to include contact information and information about your organization (mission, goals, etc.)