Saturday, January 11, 2014

Be a part of 'FOG' and keep Florida sustainable

                  Now is the time. 
                    They need you to invest in a healthy and
                   sustainable future for Florida.
Their members are our lifeblood—without them, they wouldn’t be able to achieve all that they have. 
Join FOG today and be part of the good food movement for a healthier
and more sustainable future! 
Thanks to the support of their members, some highlights from this past year include: 
  • GIFT Gardens program has built raised bed vegetable gardens at 21 sites for low-income families and the institutions that support them in the last six months.
  • Since January, Porters Community Farm in Gainesville has donated more than 700 pounds of fresh produce to the local homeless shelter and various soup kitchens for those in need.
  • EBT program continues to increase access by accepting food stamps for healthy options at two local farmers markets in Alachua County and our Fresh Access Bucks program is currently active at over eight farmers markets throughout Florida. 

They need your support in helping them achieve their goals for 2014! 
A few exciting plans for 2014:
  • They will be hosting four on-farm educational workshops throughout the state that will cover a variety of topics. They are working on details, so stay tuned!
  • Expanding and developing their website, including an expanded and interactive map,Florida Farm Finder and many other resources.
  • Their Fresh Access Bucks program will be expanding to at least 20 farmers markets by the end of 2014, allowing SNAP users across the state to double their food dollars for Florida grown fruits and vegetables.
  • FOG will be participating in educational and outreach events throughout the state and region, including partnering with Georgia Organics on their annual conference and Grow Fest in Miami-Dade. They will also partner with East End Market to host the Florida Local Food Summit.  
  • They will be working to encourage the passage of a Farm Bill and one that promotes our values of a sustainable, just and local farm and food system.

You can choose your own level of giving—one that reflects how much you value and have the ability to support the mission and work of FOG.
To join today, learn more or to give a gift membership, CLICK HERE
Happy New Year!