Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Food Stamp Challenge

Have you every thought about what it would REALLY be like to live on but a few dollars a day? Have you taken the time to experiment with such a thought? Maybe you have had friends or family struggle financially and wondered if they are providing their family with nutritional meals...well CEO Ron Shaich of Panera decided to take the challenge himself.

In this video CNN's Carol Costello interviews the CEO to find out why he did it, what it is like, and what the message behind his actions were.

Second Harvest's very own Community Garden Initiative Program Manager, Katie Salz, was also driven to take on this adventure. You'll see here in her three posts from two years ago that it was challenging.
Her first post reflects her thoughts about the challenge.
Her second post showed her first week, her money breakdown, what she purchased, and how she felt.
Her third post emulated her decisions to chose between being healthy and being convenient.

Check it out and try the challenge! You'll have a different outlook and hopefully will push people to figure out a way to reduce the issue. ;)