Monday, September 16, 2013

2013 Green Apple Day of Service

This year for the Green Apple Day of Service Christ the King (CTK)  has introduced a yearlong science project for each class.  8th Grade is engineering, 6th grade will be doing research at Strawberry creek (on the property), and 3rd grade will monitor a weather station, while 4th and 5th grades monitor school energy use for conservation, 1st grade will plant and research different ways to germinate sweet potatoes, and 2nd grade will grow beans and carrots and doing seed planting depth experiments related to germination. The kindergarten students will grow flowers in the fall for a butterfly garden in the spring.  

Further details on listed on

Second Harvest's Community Garden Initiative is providing seeds but CTK needs your help!
In addition to the generous offer of seeds, Suzette Gagnon is looking for:
  •          Rain Barrel water recovery system (they have a couple of barrels but no way to get the rain   from the gutters into the barrels)
  •          Small Green House (10X10) with shelves.
  •          2 or 3 Raised beds: 4X8 by 2ft tall: need wood or RR timbers & soil.
  •          Tilling of 150 SF of soil for 1st grade garden (rental tiller?).
  •          Sign (suggested saloon type with swing doors) for their mini-farmers' market.
  •          Enough labor to do this stuff plus move a bunch of mulch.

The Event will take place  Saturday, September 28, 2013 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

If you know anyone that has any of these resources please contact Suzette via the link provided above. CTK would appreciate you circulating this information about the event to anyone that may be interested.  If anyone signing up is donating one of these items please ask them to note that in the comments section of the sign-up form.

For those that are LEED AP’s, this event qualifies for continuing education credits.