Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Eat your Yard Jax" Events!

Eat your yard JAX's Tim Armstrong is hosting numerous events this summer for the whole family! Visit the site for way more information but here is a small list of the latest news!
Mulberries are starting to bloom
It is PEAS and Okra time in the garden!
The lazy days of summer are here. Enjoy some time at the beach or river! We are still picking beans, cucumbers, squash, okra and some tomatoes. The blueberries did great this year as well as the blackberries and we are still picking some sweet plums! 
The newest addition to the farm is some sidewalks to make it easier to get from greenhouse to greenhouse and a little store to house fertilizers, seeds and amendments. Come check it out!
We have a good selection of berry bushes and moringa trees. If you have not checked out moringa, do so! Its nutrient and antioxidant properties are amazing! They grow to a small tree size here in North Florida and die back in the winter but come back each spring and provide a heavy leaf crop. Check out WWW.Moraingafacts.net for more info.
Upcoming Events
July 8 - 12
My Sustainable Summer Camp 

Kids age 9-13 The camp is designed to show kids how to connect with their planet
Kids will have a feild trip to Armstrong farm and learn about urban agriculture.  

Contact Catherine Burkee @
catherine@breakinggroundcontracting.comor 904-388-1350x212

August 10th
Saturday evening moth ID Feild day at the details forthcoming

August 11th
Succulent workshop 2:00-4:00pm make a hanging wall planter or succulent garden.

25.00$ includes materials instruction and snacks.

Weekly booth at the Beaches Green Market

2 - 5 pm at Jarboe park
Fresh Blue talapia
Talapia can be picked up at the farm or call ahead thursdays to have them available for pick up at the market on Saturdays. They run 3 for 5.00$
A worm is a very good pet
Be a Worm farmer
Worms are a big part of our soil fertility program at the farm.  We have been pleased with the many people who have come aboard to take advantage of this easy to manage method of turning your kitchen scraps into garden gold! 1000 worms are just 25.00$ and a two bucket worm system with 500 worms is the same price. Worm casting can be used for bioremediation and can reduce contaminants by up to 98%.
Check out these links. www.wormwoman.com www.soilfoodweb.com