Sunday, May 19, 2013

Camp Florida Friendly (Adults only) June 19, June 21, June 26, June 28

Camp Florida Friendly is arriving during the middle of June and you don't want to miss out on all the adventures that they offer for adults! An example of the registration form is below -you will need to mail it in with your payment. You can also pay with a credit card at their Eventbrite link at The Event Details are listed on the website along with who to contact.
Please feel free to share if you know of anyone that is interested.

Session 1 - Wednesday, June 19  - What is a Florida Friendly Yard, Native Plants, Landscape Design for the Florida Homeowner Part I
Session 2 - Friday, June 21 - Edible Landscape, Herbs in Small Spaces, Invasive Plants, The Value of Trees and Compost and Vermicompost (Optional worm bin additional $10). Deadline to order 6/14/13.
Session 3 - Wednesday, June 26 - Landscape Design Part 2, Color in the Landscape, Attracting Wildlife, Passalong Plants.
Session 4 - Friday, June 28 - Rain Gardens, Reduce the Runoff, Check-up time for your Irrigation System and Make and Take Rainbarrel. (Optional $40). Deadline to order 6/21/13.
 (Please note the optional make and take projects on day 2 are - worm bins and day 4 - rainbarrel. )

Don't miss out on some fun! Leave the kids behind and get ready to renew your mind with educational entertainment!