Saturday, March 23, 2013

Petting Miss Daisy (Click the title to see the video)

Here's a friendly video as a reminder about the Backyard Hen Legislation meeting coming up on March 26th. In case you missed the previous post about this event here's the link: Please feel free to check the link for more information and specifics on the meeting.

The video in this post features Donna Janesky, who is a member of the steering Committee for the Arlington Community Gardens, located at Tree Hill Nature Center.

Janesky on the video: "I have one chicken, one year old Daisy, who insists on being petted every time I go into the pen. She would rather do this than eat the food like her two sisters are doing.

She "coos" and makes happy noises when I scratch her back and squeeze her tail. I am usually the one to quit first- she could stay there all day. When I sit in a chair in the pen, she is the first to hop up on my lap for hugs and back scratches. What a sweetie!"