Monday, February 25, 2013

Curbside Food & Waste Collection

This flow chart shows what can be recyled using the food & waste collection system.

Curbside Food Waste Collection is a growing trend increasing among local communities and households. According to Environmental News Network, about 160 communities in 16 states have begun to implement this service within the last 3 years as the trend continues to grow.
Almost half of the trash that ends up in landfills all over the United States could be composted. Organic waste products such as the ones listed in the chart above can be broken down into a useful subtance used to help nourish the soil used for plant crops and city construction projects. Composting also helps to reduce the amount of methane produced as a by-product of landfills.

Simple items such as vegetable and fruit trimmings, plate scrapings, egg shells, coffee grounds, fish and poultry bones can all be used in composting.  By composting these items it helps improve the health of plants, crops, local gardens and plants. Yard trimmings can also be used in composting.
Composting essentially helps in cutting down on the amount of trash that goes into landfills.

The service is available to families and residents who already have curbside garbage services. Check with your local garbage and recycling services for more information. This curbside service is also something restaurants and local grocery stores can participate in as well.
For local Jacksonville residents Waste Management does provide Food and Organic Waste Pick-up. If you visit their website, you’re able to request the service for your area and request a quote for the services.

For more information on curbside food waste collection, feel free to visit the websites listed below:

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