Wednesday, December 12, 2012

American Community Gardening Association - Funding Opportunity

ACGA and Gardeners Supply Grant Program


Gardener’s Supply Company and ACGA recognize the valuable role community gardens play in local neighborhoods.  The core beliefs of the Gardener’s Supply Company and ACGA surround designing sustainable community gardens.  These core beliefs include:
•    There are many ways to start a community garden
•    In order for a garden to be sustainable as a true community resource, it must grow from local conditions and reflect the strengths, needs and desires of the local community
•    Diverse participation and leadership at all phases of garden operations, enrich and strengthen a community garden
•    Each community member has something to contribute
•    Gardens are communities in themselves, as well as part of the larger community.

To support sustainable community gardening efforts Gardener’s Supply Company will assist ACGA in recognizing established or developing community gardens with grants of up to $1,000.  You or your organization must be a member of ACGA to apply for this award.  To apply for the award, please submit your completed application to the ACGA National Office by January, 18, 2013.  The application should be no longer than 3 pages and should be emailed as an attachment to  All submissions will be acknowledged by an email within 48 hours of submission and winners will be notified by February 15, 2013.
Please complete the following application and include the following items with your application (these items are not included in the 3 page limit):
•    Pictures of your garden
•    A budget summary
•    Provide a brief history of the organization/ neighborhood group/school, etc.

All award winners will be expected to complete a short report on their project/garden by June 30, 2013.