Monday, October 1, 2012

2012/12/15 Project Orange Thumb® Grant Program

Open:       10/01/2012
Deadline: 12/15/2012

The Project Orange Thumb® Grant Program is intended to recognize projects that will make differences in their communities through unique community garden initiatives while demonstrating and communicating how a small group of people can make changes that affect and involve the entire community. Project Orange Thumb® is intended to promote new garden space; therefore the applicant’s effort must involve a new garden, meaning that a garden must not have previously existed in the space(s) identified in the application.

Approximately 10 Grant awards will be made. Each award will consist of $3,500 and Fiskars® items totaling $1,500 (approximate retail value).

At the time of application, Grant applicants who wish to be considered for the Project Orange Thumb® Garden Makeover can opt-in by marking the designated spot on the application form. One Garden Makeover will be awarded in 2013. The Garden Makeover consists of installation by Fiskars of a vegetable/ornamental garden with a minimum size of 75’ X 75’.

2013 Terms and Conditions
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