Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Shores UMC Community Garden" - New addition to the FNFCG Directory

We've added another Community Garden in Northeast Florida to the FNFCG Community Garden Directory!

Shores UMC Community Garden

St. Augustine Shores United Methodist Church
724 Shores Blvd
St. Augustine, FL 32086 (Map)

Shores UMC Community Garden was built with a grant from St. Augustine Shores United Methodist Church. Through the efforts of Jeff Strait, Boone Griffin and others, our area now has a garden targeted to a population in need. The purpose of the grant was to build a garden that would benefit elderly or low income
persons and provide education to children.  Thus a couple of restrictions apply to gardeners - gardeners must either be on a fixed income or gardeners must be ready to donate to a needy family.  There are no fees associated with the garden and irrigation and fertilizer are provided.

The garden plots are 10' x 20' x 12" - raised beds - and can be subdivided according to how much space the gardeners are willing or able to manage. Square foot gardening is taught by Jeff Strait and gardeners can receive one-on-one instruction.

Looking for an idea that you can replicate in your community garden?  Try this:  Shores UMC Community Garden distributed kitchen compost pails to members of the on-site congregation and are receiving weekly infusions of compostable kitchen scraps for their on site composting.

Space is still available for new gardeners. If you are interested, call 904-797-2687 or use our contact form