Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grand Opening of Kings Trail Elementary Teaching Garden

from Duval County Public Schools "Spotlight on Education"
March 8, 2012

Kings Trail Elementary students celebrated the addition of their new Teaching Garden during a special Planting Ceremony. Parents and teachers joined students in the courtyard to help put the finishing touches on the planters. 

The Teaching Garden is a nationally recognized program developed by the American Heart Association to provide hands-on learning experiences. It is a real-life laboratory where students learn how to plant seeds, nurture growing plants, harvest produce and ultimately understand the value of good eating habits. 

Teaching Gardens encompass a core belief that when you educate a child about nutritional choices, he or she will share this information with the family, which will ultimately pass onto others. 

Superintendent Ed Pratt-Dannals, School Board member W.C. Gentry and City Council member Lori Boyer were among the dignitaries present at the event to join students in the celebration. 

School Board member W.C. Gentry shared his experience with gardening and was surprised to learn that most of the students have already worked in a garden before. Superintendent Pratt-Dannals spoke to students about the importance of maintaining a balanced diet and eating "brain food" to ensure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs to perform at its best. 

All of the students enjoyed getting their hands dirty with the Superintendent and Mr. Gentry as they placed the final plants in place. The students are thrilled to be a part of such a rewarding project that the whole school will be able to enjoy. 

The Teaching Garden at Kings Trail Elementary would not be possible without the help and commitment of Danis Construction Company and Dave Korlacki, master gardener for Trad’s Garden Center and Pest Control.