Friday, March 16, 2012

Burmese Refugee Garden Project


The local community of Burmese refugees has a standard of living which is significantly lower than many other groups identified as existing in poverty conditions. Language and cultural barriers exist which make social service safety nets difficult for this community to access. As a result, this community faces extreme difficulty providing for the most basic of necessities, one of which is a healthy and secure food supply.

The Burmese Refugee Garden Project is a grass roots effort to empower local Burmese refugees to increase their food security through access to community gardens.  Most of the families involved in this project have a farming tradition and simply need access to regional gardening education and methods and  donations of materials and funds to provide the initial access to what becomes a long term, renewable and sustainable garden for the purposes of consumption.

The Burmese Refugee Garden Project restores some independence and dignity to these families, enabling them to provide for themselves and their community in a manner which honors their traditions. Through their participation in community gardens, the Burmese refugee community enriches the Jacksonville community at large by sharing the skills and methods of their agrarian roots and their diverse ethnic cultures in our urban landscape.

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