Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Volunteers needed for Community Garden Project

Volunteers from community gardens all over our area are needed to help with the upcoming Community Gardens and Community Health Workshop.

I am writing to make an emotional appeal for volunteers. As many of you know, soon I will be recuperating from major surgery and I need you, my community, to help me do what I cannot do myself.

The Eastside Environmental Council and the City Planning Department have put together a Community Gardens and Community Health Workshop for February 18, 2012, the second in a series. The first workshop was a raving success with many attendees from existing community gardens, however there was a less than stunning turnout from the surrounding community - the community whom the Workshop is specifically meant to reach.

My plea is for our community to come together and show our solidarity. Eastside Environmental Council needs volunteers to do outreach in the area surrounding the next location, New Life in Christ Christian Church, 6225 Norwood Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32208. This outreach involves going out into the community and putting up flyers and talking up this workshop. We community gardeners have all the passion and information that is needed to reach members of this community. We need to get out there and live up to the following sentiment...

Community Gardening is more than just a middle class hobby, it is a working class necessity.

There are hungry people in our city, especially the urban core, and growing our own food is a way of increasing our food security. It is an activity which is ennobling and empowering. We need to get that message out.

So please, won't you talk to your gardening friends and contact the volunteer coordinator Gail Eubanks at (904) 874-0466 and make a day of doing some outreach to share information with the residents of the Talullah, North Shore and Northwest Jacksonville neighborhoods.
February 18 2012 Event Flyer
Thank you for supporting each other