Sunday, January 22, 2012

Garden Wanted! Green Cove Springs

Here is a letter looking for help setting up a community garden in Green Cove Springs.... What do you say folks? Anyone in Green Cove Springs looking to start a community garden?

Pinewood Apartments
1000 Pinewood Ct
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

"Pinewood Apartments is a complex for those 62 and older or disabled or both.  This complex is small having 9 buildings with 6 units per building. 

We have been given the green light to start a community garden.  We need people that can help with the tilling with equipment, man power or both.  As none of the residents are able to do that part.  We also need a garden co-ordinator. 

We have two, maybe three areas for planting.  These have water and sunlight, with sufficient space to plant all we have in mind.  

We are unable to offer cash payment but a significant share of harvest is expected.  Enough to give the co-ordinator surplus for canning or otherwise preserving.

A straw poll of the residents shows most of the day to day maintenance can be done by us.  The watering of the gardens, weeding, deadheading and other maintenance can be done by the community.  That is the goal, getting the residents involved.

If you are able to give me direction toward such individuals I would be most appreciative. 

Rebekah J.