Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Salad of Sin

It seems there is only so much "whole wheat" bread, modified corn starch and CAFO chicken I can eat before my belly revolts. I'll spare you the details and you can rest assured the revolution didn't get too gruesome. Still, by day four I was fed up! The kale and beet greens were calling to me and the radishes were literally growing out of the ground in anticipation of being harvested. Remember that high horse I put in the barn at the beginning of all of this? Well, he busted out and dragged me far from my Corn Flakes and frozen veggies.

I had a glorious salad for dinner with store-bought organic spring mix, home grown kale, lettuce and beet greens with home grown bell pepper and radishes with store-bought organic carrot, feta cheese and herb baked tofu. 

I spent 13 years as a vegetarian and had no idea salad could be so sinful and satisfying.
I almost bartered away a bag of dried beans and a can of collards for a glass of wine. The salad felt like a necessity, but the wine simply felt like cheating. 

I wrestled with the idea of giving up for the rest of the time and waving the white flag all the way back to my garden and organic foods. That type of quitting just doesn't work for someone as passionate, dedicated and committed Type A as me. I started the day with a peanut butter sandwich and had leftover chicken, pasta and broccoli for lunch. At an afternoon meeting I had tortilla chips, though they were provided at no cost. 

With little time left before my five days are complete, I still have a lot of food:
  • 1 can of unopened collard greens
  • approx. 1/4 bag of frozen broccoli
  • 2 slices of bread
  • 8 eggs
  • approx. 4 ounces of cheese
  • approx. 1/2 box of Corn Flakes
  • 1 bag of dried beans
  • approx. 1/2 bag of dry rice
  • 3 applesauce cups
  • 1 packet of taco seasoning
  • 1 piece of chicken
  • approx. 1/3 box of pasta
  • approx. 1/4 jar of cheese sauce

My frustration is a product of my own short-sightedness. I certainly could have bought more vegetables and fruit. Beyond learning what $32.25 could have gotten me much more variety, I am beginning to see the possibilities for the ingredients I bought. 
  • Broccoli and cheese quiche
  • French toast with applesauce
  • Baked chicken, with a corn flake crust

What else do you see in these ingredients that I have left? 

What do you think I could have done differently? 

Stay tuned for the next post, as I discuss the difference that could have been made if I was growing my own food. 

~ Katie Salz