Monday, October 31, 2011

Wanted: BLFN Director and/or Market Manager

Job Descriptions
BLFN Director & Market Manager

The Beaches Local Food Network seeks to hire a new Director and Green Market Manager.  These two positions could be filled by one individual or filled separately, based on the experience level and availability of the applicants. 

The BLFN Advisory Council is looking to fill this role with a dedicated, enthusiastic and self-motivated individual, who has passion and knowledge about local food, gardening and sustainable agriculture.  This candidate will manage day to day communication for the Network, as well as basic accounting, fundraising, vendor calendars and relations, promotions, networking, and weekly newsletters.  The Beaches Green Market is held in Neptune Beach from 2-5 PM on Saturdays, year-round, with 25 vendors from the region.

The Candidate will help to implement the overall vision of Beaches Local Food Network, while working with customers, vendors, the City of Neptune Beach, and local schools and organizations.  This person should have superb communication skills, exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, entrepreneurial experience, self-motivation, writing and researching skills, an eye for networking and resourcefulness, and leadership qualities.  They should be computer savy, with basic knowledge of creating spreadsheets, documents, flyers and social media.  The BLFN Administrator should also have the ability to conceptualize, develop, and execute plans.

The Onsite Market Manager will perform the following job responsibilities:

  • Establish and maintain lines of communication with vendors; respond to their ideas and concerns
  • Manage the Market on-site every Saturday
  • Collect fees for all BLFN activities on Saturdays and keep appropriate receipts.
  • Create monthly work calendar with Market Assistants
  • Document weekly market with photos
  • Create weekly market report for BLFN Administrator
  • Create weekly vendor map
  • Maintain materials in a clean & orderly fashion.
  • Update educational information for booth regularly with BLFN Administrator
  • Communicate with Advisory Council & other Managers regularly; attend monthly Advisory Council meeting

The BLFN Director will perform the following job responsibilities:
  • Daily communication for BLFN; includes vendors, vendor applicants, customers, gardeners, garden applicants, sponsors, volunteers, potential sponsors, schools and organizations seeking outreach programs, Advisory Council communication, BLFN managers, children’s garden inquiries, press, City Officials, etc.
  • Create and manage vendor fee schedule and calendar
  • Manage Market vendor application process
  • Organize music and activities for Market
  • Attend Market regularly; communicate personally with vendors
  • Create Annual Report for vendors
  • Manage Garden Member application processes
  • Assign garden plots as they become available; maintain up-to-date contact info & waiting list
  • Update garden packet documents as necessary
  • Co-manage gardener volunteer program with Garden Manager
  • Notify gardeners when fees are due/overdue.  Send out late fee notices.
  • Coordinate & promote regular workshops offered at the Community Garden
  • Update contacts weekly in Constant Contact
  • Research newsletter topics; create weekly newsletter
  • Establish contacts with local press
  • Write and send out press releases
  • Seek out new sponsors regularly.
  • Update website regularly
  • Communicate regularly with Market Manager & Onsite Garden Manager
  • Serve as interface with City of Neptune Beach.  Create twice-yearly updates and present to city council
  • Update informational documents & calendar on a regular basis and send to City Manager
  • Create agenda for monthly BLFN Advisory Council meetings
  • Assist BLFN Advisory Council with fundraisers, events and outreach coordination
  • Create & print flyers for workshops and other events
  • Purchase supplies as needed
  • Develop budget projections annually.  Calculate actual expenses related to budget quarterly
  • Pay bills as needed; submit payment forms for goods & services to fiscal sponsor
  • Manage income/expense spreadsheet
  • Make copies and file receipts
  • Authorize expenditures for other Managers
  • Invoice current sponsors as needed
  • Submit deposits and paperwork to fiscal sponsor on at least monthly basis

Both positions are paid, part-time, year-round.
Market Manager position includes about 6 hours per week on Saturdays, paid at $12/hour.  This person must work most Saturdays of the year.

BLFN Director position includes about 18-20 hours per week.  Starting out at $1000/month, but able to increase based on ability to increase the organization’s income.  Work hours and work location are flexible.
If the two jobs are combined for one person, we will work together to create a realistic schedule and pay.

Applicants must submit resume and list of (3) references by November 15, 2011; cover letter and letter of reference recommended.
Interviews will take place between November 15th and December 1st. 
Training will begin in December, with official start date the first week of January 2012.

To apply, submit resume and references to:
1166 3rd Ave. North
Jax. Beach, FL  32250


Gretchen Ferrell
(904) 270-0273