Monday, October 3, 2011

Get Involved: St Augustine Beach Community Garden

A group of St. Augustine Beach residents have come together to ask the City of St. Augustine Beach for approval to use a City-owned parcel of land located at A Street and First to build a community garden.

The first step was to discuss the proposed project with the City of St Augustine Beach Beautification Commission, which approved and forwarded the request to the City Commission.

The effort continues....

To All Slow Foodies, especially those on Anastasia Island:

The proposal for the St. Augustine Beach Community Garden will be on the agenda at City Hall on October 3rd 2011, 7:00 pm.   This will be the first public hearing as Max Royle (city manager) will have sent out notifications to all residents within 300 feet of the proposed site.  Will you be able to attend?  It would be helpful to have a few people who would say a few words regarding their support.  I’m hoping there will not be many naysayers, but you never know, and it’s important the commissioners know there are folks out there who really want this to happen. 

I have also been advised that we should start to organize a group who will act as leaders,  electing  officers of a non-profit organization that will be poised to officially exist  upon acceptance by the Commissioners.  We will need to seek out sponsors who might donate materials, etc. to the project, as well as think about how the garden will be managed, expectations of participants, etc.  If you are able to be part of the organizational group, that would be great.  You might think about others you know who might be enthusiastic  about the concept of a community garden.  Cash McVay of the Lincolnville garden will also be available to help us setting up the infrastructure.  

Please contact me if you are interested in being a supporter and/or participant in the St Augustine Beach Community Garden effort.

Thank you so much in your interest in working towards a most worthwhile community effort.

Nana Royer