Monday, September 19, 2011

Garden Helpers Needed!

Friends of Northeast Florida Community Gardens recently received a request from a local community garden for volunteers.  So, we are passing that information on to our readers.

Kathleen Damiano, the garden administrator for the Timberlin Creek Elementary Garden, needs help maintaining a weekly checkup on their garden.  If you or someone you know in St. Johns County would be interested in helping the Timberlin Creek Elementary Garden, please contact Kathleen.

Kathleen Damiano
(904) 547-7418

Please bear in mind that this is a School Garden, so there will undoubtedly be some procedures regarding volunteering that will need to be followed.  This is a great opportunity for teens to pick up some volunteer hours for those Brights Futures Scholarships.

Kathleen has done a wonderful job with this garden and as the cafeteria manager, uses the produce that is grown on-site in the children's meals.  This is our ideal, is it not?  We want local food. We want our children to appreciate where their food comes from and to understand the process. We want our children to have fresh produce with the highest nutrient value possible.  Kathleen is making this happen!  

Please, let's support the Timberlin Creek Elementary Garden and volunteer to help out.  Give Kathleen a call or drop her an email and find out what she needs and when.

If your garden needs help, please let us know and we will pass it on.  We always say that gardeners are some of the hardest working and generous people you'd ever want to know.  We always seem to pull together to make sure the job gets done.  Don't waste the opportunity to reach out to your fellow gardeners in Northeast Florida.