Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Plant a Tray Today!

Dear Friends,

The dog days of summer are here for gardeners, especially in Northeast Florida where I can count the number of rainy days on one hand so far this year.  We are stuck with what we have planted until we can start working on our Fall/Winter gardens.  While you are thinking of cooler days, take a moment to think about Fundraising!  I know, you don't want to. But let's not think of it in terms of a full blown fundraiser and rather let's think in terms of gardening. Let do what we love best.

Plant a Tray Today!

Before you know it, it will be time to start some seeds.  If you are gearing up for it, plant an extra tray or two for a fall plant sale.  Be sure to mark your trays so that you can market these starts correctly - mystery plant materials don't sell well.

Don't worry about where that fall plant sale will be. We'll cover those details later, I promise.  For now, just plant your extra trays and believe that good will come of it.

Here is your Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide.

Propagate, propagate, propagate!

Now take a moment to look around at what plant materials you already have.  Can you propagate it?  Lantana? Hydrangea?  If you haven't tried to propagate from cuttings, now you should give it a try.

How to: Propagate from cuttings

If your materials are in bloom, grab a camera and snap a pic before you start cutting so that you can show buyers what they've got. Remember, mystery plant materials don't sell well. Your starts may not be blooming at the sale - help buyers "see" what they are buying.

Don't have pots or trays? Visit your local nursery and ASK if they have materials that you can take home for free.  Every Ace Hardware I have visited has a stash of pots, from trays to gallon containers to hanging baskets that they have been delighted for me to take away.  Ask nicely and get ready to be surprised at their generosity.

Find a shady spot and get started.  Please chime in with what plant materials you've started. I am off to the garden with clippers in hand. I have some lovely lantana back there. And my Mexican Milkweed has some seed pods hanging - time to check them out.

Ask your local county extension office about classes for seed starting and propagation. Beat the heat, and head indoors to a classroom and pick up some new gardening skills.