Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Need support for Community Garden in St Augustine Beach

For supporters of local, organic food:

There is a committee of three of us who are lobbying for a community garden in St Augustine Beach, so this is primarily intended for those of you who live on Anastasia Island. In the (organic) garden there would be small lots (raised beds) available for rent where gardening could take place in a community atmosphere—along the lines of the garden in Lincolnville.

We will be asking the City of SAB to support this endeavor by allowing us to use some of their land, and in addition, we're hoping for a water supply.

For the City to consider such a request for land, we must show that there is a desire among the citizenry for a community garden. Thus, I am asking those of your interested in participating in or supporting a garden in St Augustine Beach to attend a meeting of the Beautification Commission on June 14, 7 pm, at City Hall, to voice support. If you are unable to attend, or even if you are, it would be very helpful if you would make a phone call or send an e-mail to Max Royle, City Manager, to have your interest/support go on record. E-mail: Phone is 471-2122.

We would also be interested in the names of any who would like to actively participate in the planning stages.

It would be great to have some Slow Food members show up to make their voices heard.

Thanks so much,

Nana Royer