Sunday, April 17, 2011

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In March of 2011, the Garden at Jackson Square, in Jacksonville, Florida, hosted the '1st Annual Seed Swap and Community Garden Expo', which was a chance for the public to meet the community gardens of Jacksonville and other members of the city's local food network, such as The Jacksonville Beekeepers Association and the Duval County Extension Office. While the gardens appreciated the opportunity to network with the community, their desire for a gardeners' conference was made clear in their feedback.

FNFCG was formed in response to a demand for greater cohesion within the community gardens of Northeast Florida. The number of community gardens in Northeast Florida continues to increase, with gardens being started all over, from schools and churches to private businesses and correctional facilities.  The opportunity for community gardens to share resources, apply collectively for funding opportunities and communicate collectively with local government increases the efficiency, resiliency and strength of Northeast Florida's food system.