Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Community Garden Directory Improved

As the list of Community Gardens grows for our area, it becomes more cumbersome to manage them in one list.  Here is a quick rundown of the changes we've implemented to make life easier.

  1. The List is sortable by each column heading. Clicking on the "Zip Code" Column header will group the Gardens together by zip code and may make them easier to find within the list.
  2. County column added to make it possible to sort by County
  3. Email Column added so that users can contact any garden from the Directory.
  4. If the Garden has a web prescence, the Garden name is a hyperlink to that website so that users can read more about the Garden.
Your suggestions are most welcome.  Planned upgrades include
  • the ability to filter by column (i.e. this will enable users to see only gardens in County "X")
  • Duval County Health Zone designation (i.e. allowing users to focus on Gardens within a particular Zone) 
  • The ability to filter Gardens based on population served (i.e. enabling users to view only "School" gardens).