Thursday, April 21, 2011

3 Springfield Gardens - New additions to the FNFCG Directory

We've added more Community Gardens in Northeast Florida to the FNFCG Community Garden Directory.

Springfield Children's Garden       Coming Soon!
414 E 4th St
Jacksonville, FL 32206

The Springfield Children's Garden is an up and coming Community Garden. This garden is in the pipeline so keep your eyes and ears peeled, fellow gardeners.

In the Spring of 2011 we will be building an additional garden on E 4th Street in Historical Springfield.  This garden will be used for a middle school kids Summer teaching program.  The kids will learn to grow vegetables and a Farmer's Market will set up on Saturday mornings for them to sell the produce back into the local community.  This way the kids will learn not only growing skills but job and economic skills as well.
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Springfield Community Garden
1425 N Laura St
Jacksonville, FL 32206

Although previously found in the Directory, the address was incorrect and has been changed.

The Laura Street Community Garden was built in 2010 on a vacant lot in Historic Springfield.  The garden was built entirely on donated funds and serves 20 community gardeners.

In the Summer of 2010, the Laura Street Community Garden was awarded the Keep Jacksonville Beautiful Award by the Mayor.  There are many vacant lots in the city that can be used for this same purpose and at the same time, beautify the community.
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Springfield Community Orchard
1440 Ionia St
Jacksonville, FL 32206

Community Orchards can be great benefit to communities.  They are long term food sources and also beautify what would otherwise be vacant blighted lots.  We are currently fundraising to build two community orchards in Historic Springfield.  Trees we are considering include, peaches, figs, persimmon, apples, and plum.  We are planning on lining the edges with thornless blackberries.

The Orchard on Ionia Street in Historic Springfield has had the trees planted and a fence will be installed in February 2011.
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Talk to us: What benefits can you see in a Community Orchard, as opposed to trying to plant fruit trees at home. Would you be more willing to participate in a Community Orchard vs. a Community Garden? Is the workload required different?