Thursday, March 17, 2011


The idea for this blog has been rolling about in my head as I participate in the planning of the Jacksonville Seed Swap and Community Garden Expo. We’d realized that you fairly have to be a detective to find community gardens in Jacksonville.  Having grown up in Jacksonville, I would have to say that is true of most things.  Diligence is necessary to find the niches of this big city/small town.  To quote a recent EU Jacksonville article, “there are a number of such community gardens in Jacksonville [...] . However, they are run by various groups with no governing body. Therefore, seeking out a community garden can be a challenge.” via The Organic Adventurer-March 2011. This from a reporter, who has the training and tools at their fingertips to find this information readily.

To try to stay up to date with all of the events and classes and happenings at the gardens in our area, I find myself doing endless searches on the internet. And I know where these gardens can be found ! Imagine the unfortunate soul just trying to get involved in gardening in our city.  How about we start coming together and blogging about it.  Perhaps later, this can evolve into a proper website or some other sort of repository.

I am all about jumping in feet first and getting the ball rolling. What say you, fellow gardens?  Can you help out by blogging here occasionally? It will give people a place to ask questions of us and if all the gardens in the city participate – we can be sure that no one is left out in the cold. It will give us all a place to add our garden items to a calendar or at least point to our own internet calendars.

Your comments and input are always welcome.